Double Take had its humble beginnings with two women who share a mutual love of vintage and antiques, and the people, stories and histories tied to them.

With a combined 25 years in vintage and antique dealing and collecting, Double Take’s business model is built on a foundation of treating clients – and the objects they have come to treasure – with dignity and respect.



Denise is co-owner of Double Take Estate Sales. She’s the first friendly face you’ll encounter on most consults. As a vintage and antique collector, Denise brings an appreciation of history and storytelling. And as someone who has traversed the globe– having to move all of her worldly possessions and family in the process– Denise understands the pressures of relocation. You can trust her to lend a helping hand and compassionate ear.




Diane is also co-owner of Double Take Estate Sales. With a background in antiques and vintage collectibles, specifically garments, textiles and mid century design, Diane applies her knowledge and expertise to making sure your items receive top dollar. She brings her expertise in web admin and software consulting to bear in making sure the Estate Sale back office, website, On-site POS and auction software is maximized and functioning.


Still not sure if you’re ready to take the leap? Have a peek at our FAQ’s below to clear up any questions and reservations you might have about the process.